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  • melissa

NECKLACE - Botswana Agate

Updated: May 11, 2019

The necklaces are all the same style, the stones vary.

Varying in hues of white, pinks, grays blues and browns, this agate is truly one of a kind OOAK. Modern geometric necklace is 24k gold plated brass, beautifully antiqued and nickel free. Perfect for a date night, or to dress up jeans and a t-shirt! Better still to add a little bit of boho to your work wardrobe. Truly OOAK, as unique as you are, due to the nature of the natural stone.

Every piece I create, I choose gemstones for their meaning and energy. Botswana agate is a stone of strength, courage and self-confidence. Considered one of the oldest gemstones, it brings healing, strengthening and protective energies making it a wonderful talisman to carry with you.

All are $55.00

OPTION 1 ⬇ www.etsy.com/listing/698592761

OPTION 2 ⬇www.etsy.com/listing/699647085

OPTION 3 ⬇ www.etsy.com/listing/699644889

OPTION 4 ⬇ www.etsy.com/listing/700509401

OPTION 5 ⬇ www.etsy.com/listing/685790472

OPTION 6 ⬇ www.etsy.com/listing/700509203

OPTION 7 ⬇ www.etsy.com/listing/686656798

OPTION 8 ⬇ www.etsy.com/listing/700512299

OPTION 9 ⬇www.etsy.com/listing/700513403

OPTION 10 ⬇www.etsy.com/listing/686660038

Matching Earring - www.etsy.com/listing/700518229 - due to the nature of the Botswana agate, that no 2 beads are alike, the earrings you will receive will be SIMILAR to the ones shown, BUT not exact. The Botswana agate bead will vary. I am willing to show options to the buyer prior to purchase.